Business consultants for Leadership

Various demands. Consistent leadership.

Various demands. Consistent leadership.Patenstatt is a consulting company for critical leadership issues in companies and groups of companies. For our clients from the industrial and service sectors, leadership means far more than just leading staff. The issues relate to strategic topics, considerations concerning organisational structure and management, and the entire scope of executive development.


Keeping a clear view of a harmonious balance

For the managing directors of patenstatt, Dr. Dirk Bendig and Dr. Ralf Pollmann, leadership is a harmonious balance of vision and strategy development, optimisation of leadership structures and further development of management teams.


Assessment of Business Models

Putting traditional mechanisms to the test

As we like to say in Germany: Self-awareness is the first step to improvement. Having a suitable business model is the key for the success of a business. But when is it time to put the current business model to the test? From our point of view, there are several typical indicators. We invite you to visit us at patenstatt. We will be very happy to answer any questions you may have.


Defining Strategies

From vision to strategy

The strategy puts the core messages of the vision into operation. As a result the strategy is the overriding element of business management. It sets the direction for strategic actions and is an indication of the alignment of leadership structures and management. Patenstatt is specialised in the development and implementation of strategies.


Key Figure Control

Good is not enough

Management tools are tools to control a company, lead employees, manage information and organise oneself well as executive personnel. Management tools and their resulting key figures must fulfil specific requirements set by the company.